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Throwback: KinoKopi 2019

On 16 November 2019, BUGI (in cooperation with PERMIF e.V) has successfully organised the first event of KinoKopi, which is an Indonesian movie screening and discussion with a taste of Indonesian coffee beans. It took place at Saalbau Griesheim in Frankfurt am Main and welcomed with more than 50 guests.

The theme was Forbidden Memories, featured the movie „Laut Bercerita“ and „The Dancer“. Both movies we screened uncover the dark truth of Indonesia’s history, which is never completely proven but also couldn’t be denied.

We also invited Aryani Kriegenburg Willems, an activist and also actress in „Laut Bercerita“, who talked about not only her experience going into character in the movie but also topics in forgiving, letting go of the past, and self-love. At the end of the event, Arina Tara Kriegenburg presented a guitar performance to close the discussion memorably.

Other than that, guests were introduced to Indonesian coffee beans by our baristas, which they can drink while watching and enjoying the movie. There was also food bazaar and snacks provided.

We planned KinoKopi on Spring 2020 but unfortunately is postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Look forward to meeting you at the next event!