Unfortunately, field studies from Central Java show that the people of Semarang use the river as a toilet. This habit has been done over the decades and endangers the health of residents and the environment.


Photo by Nugroho DS
With our project, we want to present a model of sanitary facilities and construct it in Tambak Lorok (Semarang). In this project, wastewater and waste treatment system are to be integrated. Applications are being made to convert the faeces into the end products of fertilizers and biogas. We are convinced that people need a realised model to adopt this technology and change their thinking about waste disposal. Furthermore, the residents’ knowledge of health and hygiene is to be strengthened. The people in our target group should understand the technology behind the sanitary facility to operate and maintain the facility properly.
The end products are managed locally by the residents’ local, guided by LPUBTN and BUGI, to promote society’s development by improving the financial situation, in addition to hygiene and environmental protection.
This project is scientifically supported by
UNIKA Soegijapranata Semarang
Das Institut für Soziologie an der Leibniz-Universität Hannover 
Kirchlicher Entwicklungsdienst (KED) Niedersachsen
The research results serve to evaluate the project and to provide health erudition.


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Kartini EventApr 2018 200
Musical performance in HamburgJun 2018104
Indonesian Sport Festival PPI HannoverJul 2018255
Discovery Day HannoverSep 2018100
Benefit Concert in HannoverOkt 2018622
Indonesian Night ESN in HannoverNov 2018100
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„Einen Augenblick in Indonesien“ in cooperation with PPI Hannover, KMKI Nierdersachsen, Saraswati and Sam NokMay 201940
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Dance Theater “Candra Kirana” by Pesona Indonesia & Friends in Frankfurt am Main (April 2019)Okt 2019880
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November 2017

Waduk Jatibarang zählte zu den potentiellen Projektstandort. Die Gemeinde vor Ort ist erfreulicherweise in Sache Sanitation schon weiter entwickelt. Der Bedarf an die Durchführung von Entwicklungsprogramm wurde als gering eingestuft.
Besuch an dem potentiellen Standort in Tambak Lorok, Semarang. LPUBTN hat die Gemeinde in Tambak Lorok seit 2016 begleitet. Es wurde entschieden, dass das KAFEIN-Progamm in Tambak Lorok etabliert werden soll, weil der Bedarf an Verbesserung von Sanitation enorm war.

March 2018

Agnes Hapsari introduce BUGI at a Kick-Off Meeting in Rumah Apung
Gregorius Haryana, our expert in a biogas plant, presents the model of sanitation facility.

The residents and all stakeholders are well informed about the program
During Lunch, intensive discussion still occurred.
Slamet Riyanto as head neighbourhood in Tambak Lorok, Agnes Hapsari from BUGI and Isti Sumiwi from LPUBTN signed declaration of intent.
Declaration of intent; active participation in the KAFEIN program with LPUBTN and BUGI in Tambak Lorok
Press release about Kick-Off Meeting in Tambak Lorok, Semarang

Construction project team visiting the project site.

The situation before the KAFEIN program began.
Waste and outhouse in Tambak Lorok
The location before the beginning of the KAFEIN programme: Waste basin – our sanitary facility is to be set up there.

May 2018

Prep seminar on microfinance: Income Generating Project

June 2018

Info meeting in Denpasar about the KAFEIN program with the representatives of Rotary Club Bali Taman, Evangelical Church Bali (GKI) and BUGI
Ceremony before the construction of the sanitary facility

(from left to right LPUBTN, BUGI, community representative and district manager Tambak Lorok, Tanjung Mas)

Father Fransiskus Assisi Sugiarta SJ (LPUBTN) and Anindya Krishna Siddharta (BUGI) together laid the first stones of the sanitary facility

July 2018

Stakeholder meeting to set up the timeline. The lengthy process to liberate the construction area where the sanitary facility is to be built has presented serious problems in the Milestone of this project. For this reason, the construction project and the other planned activities had to be adjusted.

Representatives of the women’s group Tambak Lorok, Puskesmas, BUGI and LPUBTN.

August 2018

Students from the Leibniz University in Hanover exchanged views with the children in PAUD Seroja.
Health workshop in a small group on the topic of hygiene.

September 2018

Gregorius Ismono, Lamser and Isti (LPUBTN) measured and recorded the length and width of the area.

November 2018

Dredging and excavation
Water has collected in the excavation pit. The water was siphoned and the pit was filled with fresh earth.

December 2019

Annual meeting of BUGI and LPUBTN at the Jesuit Agricultural Training Center in Salatiga.

January 2019

Microfinance workshop – „Saving & Loan Association and Financial Business Management“ with Dr Birgit Galemann und Intan Maulidah
Our microfinance expert, Dr. Birgit Galemann led the workshop until late in the evening.
Microfinance workshop – cost-income course
Microfinance workshop – monitoring course
Microfinance workshop – passbook entry
Microfinance workshop – Deby worked diligently as a record keeper
Microfinance workshop – auditing course
Microfinance Workshop – William, Nana, and Asih have had intensive discussions about the optimal form of Saving and Loan Association for the community in Tambak Lorok.

After the workshop a celebration was held with with a chocolate tasting.
Our microfinance expert, Dr. Birgit Galemann and Corina Mailoa from BUGI exchanged views with the representatives of the micro-finance group in Tambaklorok.

Visit to the small shops in Tambak Lorok to exchange about finance business management – crafts from wood and shells.

Visit to the small shops in Tambak Lorok to exchange about Finance Business Management – Herbal Garden.

Visit to the small shops in Tambak Lorok to exchange about finance business management – fish powder manufacturers.
Nana, the coordinator of the micro-finance group, has shown a step in the workflow of crafting wood and shells.

April 2019

BUGI’s leader visits the micro-finance group in Tambak Lorok.
After the dredging work, the property is to be shut down for about eight months to stabilize its new shape.
The remaining inadequate open toilets are gradually destroyed.

July 2019

Stakeholder meeting BUGI, LPUBTN, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Church Development Service Hannover and Universitas Katholik Soegijapranata Semarang.

August 2019

Revita from LPUBTN told about our program in Tambak Lorok to the students of Leibniz Universität Hannover and Universitas Katholik Soegijapranata.
BUGI’s Dyon Hoekstra explained the project in detail.
Dr. Karina Hoekstra from Leibniz Universität Hannover conducted a seminar in Universitas Katholik Soegijapranata.
Andreas Kurschat from the Church Development Service told about the learning method.
After the series of workshops, the students finally have the time they deserve.
Students from Leibniz University Hanover and Catholic University Soegijapranata visited the local health care facility PUSKESMAS Bandarharjo.

Kukuh Madyaningrana and Dyon Hoekstra from BUGI at the coordination meeting for the health workshop in collaboration with Catholic Polytechnic University Mangunwijaya.
Health workshop in Tambak Lorok with students from the University of Hanover and UNIKA Soegijapranata.
The construction site after the dredging.

September 2019

The construction team headed by Prof. Djoko Suwarno.
The construction work progress to build up the sanitary facility.

The excavation pit for the biogas reactor.

The installation of the water pipe.
Die Gründungsfläche des Biogasreaktors.
Construction of the biogas reactor.

Oktober 2019

Dome reactor of the biogas plant.
The interior of the biogas reactor.

Final check of the biogas reactor by our biogas expert Gregorius Haryana.

November 2019

Prof. Djoko Suwarno, the person responsible for the construction of the toilet cubicle and public kitchen, was visiting the construction site.

Dezember 2019

Revita from LPUBTN welcomed the guests and multipliers to the health workshop for trainers.

The health expert at the municipal health facility has provided information on the subject of basic hygiene and sanitation.
Tri Puji Kurniawan gave a lecture on sanitation related to dengue fever.
Health workshop for the multipliers in Tambak Lorok.
Construction progress

January 2020

Annual meeting of BUGI and LPUBTN at the LPUBTN office in Semarang Old Town.
The collaboration between BUGI and LPUBTN continues under the coordination of Kukuh Madyaningrana from BUGI and Revita from LPUBTN.
Anindya Krishna Siddharta and Kukuh Madyaningrana from BUGI visit the construction site.
Walls are erected.
Walls and roofing is finished.

Mei 2020

The finalisation of the plant was stopped due to COVID19.

Construction Phase 1 (of 3)
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