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BUGI – Bildung und Gesundheit für Indonesien e.V* consists of a group of people coming from different backgrounds who share the same mission, which is the improvement in Indonesia. In our views, there are still many social issues that need attention, especially in the health and education sectors. That is why we have chosen to aim our attention in these two fields.
BUGI first started in 2012 as an idea coming from a handful of Indonesian students living in Germany. The concept was to organize projects, that would support our homeland, prioritizing in the health and education field. Since then, it has continued to grow until its realization in August 2014, where, with the help of supporters from many countries, we have decided to establish an organization under the name BUGI.
*Education and health for Indonesia

Our aims and values.

Society is shaped by many determining factors and we are convinced that education and health are two of the most essential pillars that contribute to a functional society. These two sectors rank high on our priority list, thus we are working towards an improvement in the education and health system in Indonesia, with the vision of equally distributed education and health care throughout the land and also equally accessible for everyone regardless of their financial, social, and physical condition.

Why Education?

To fight against malnourishment and hunger (especially those of children), diseases, lack of school, poverty and job opportunity, we must first start with education, which in our opinion, serves in its absence as the root of many social and financial issues. Problem areas such as lack of school and educational work are therefore seen as a critical control point.

Why Health?

Through our work, we hope to raise awareness towards health concerns such as diseases, as well as towards the increased possibility of opened doors that could be reached with the support of education. Equally as important is to carry the latest research results into society.
Every single action in this big picture takes part in our steps towards realizing our aims, which is the development of social security and the establishment of professional education and training for paramedics in Indonesia.

Development of Social Security

Like many countries with development issues, Indonesia possesses abundant natural resource. The land is rich with mineral raw materials such as coal, tin, gold and nickel. Adding to that is also various timber resources such as palm oil, coffee, tea, cacao, and other agricultural products. 

The problem is, how to utilize this abundance.

There is a succession of problems. To fully comprehend this, a thorough and deep understanding of Indonesian society is inevitable.

The majority of the people in Indonesia live under the uncertainty as to what the next day will bring upon them. Worries about whether they would be able to provide enough food for the next day to their family, as well as, health issues, dominate their everyday life. These people live from day to day not knowing whether they will survive tomorrow. A constant and secured living with an assured income is an utopia for many people.

Under these circumstances, it is not nearly possible to plan in advance for the weeks ahead, let alone a year. Often sacrificing the children’s education is seen as the only way to reduce their burden, if not as a way out. Health insurance or even health care is a financial and organisational burden that lays beyond the possible.

This kind of problem often has its root in the profound loss of spirit, simply because all of their strength and energy is drained for the mere survival, of themselves and their family. 

There is no personal room for talents and dreams since there is no time nor money to afford to choose an occupation of their wish.

It has even come to the extent that even the thoughts to find out has never even came to mind.

Adding to this lethargic condition is the obvious social class difference. The gap between rich and poor is extremely big in Indonesia -and it continues to grow.

To expand ones wealth is not difficult, and all too frequently accelerated through corruption and exploitation of the lower class. The less fortunate people see no chance to improve their life situation. Often made worse due to lack of education and the proper drive, their strength are sapped from their everyday struggle to survive.

The restricted future is not only suffered by people with low education. Parents that have dealt against poverty and are able to afford a living, often have an idealism as to which path their children have to take in order to be financially stable. Besides the obligatory school attendance which regulates six years primary school followed by three years for middle school and high school each, going to the university is a must, and if possible to study medicine, so that they can have a high income. Only through this way, can the prized goal of the elite society be reached. Another way of life that does not contribute to the carrier, is apprehended as an error and the people who chose those paths are seen as inferior.

Referring to the earlier mentioned subject, it has been clear that under no such circumstances would the people be able to manage the naturally given resources. The mindset is too strapped to take any action and matters into one’s hand.

We are working on giving people another perspective out of the box. 

Everyone has a chance to make their dream comes true.

It should be limited by their efforts and performance, not by social judgement. It has come to our advantage that our members and supporters come from diverse occupational fields. 

We want to show that there is a place for everybody with their talents, and to encourage them to find this place.

Nevertheless, society lives and grows through the diversity of each individual.

It is not possible to fully close this gap in a matter of a few years, but it shall be possible to make it closer.

When the abundance of the land is equally distributed, a better life is not impossible, for those who are willing and ready to fight.

Essential for our work is the thorough explanation to the people and by doing so, hopefully being able to work hand-in-hand.  We want to create and build a promising future with you.


Jan Suhartono | 1. Managing Director
Husain Yusuf | 2. Managing Director
Shahista Kaur | Financial Director
Limock | Board Director