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Episode 2 DIBAGI DIBUGI – Cancer & Aging: What do we know?

Episode 2 live on BUGI Instagram @bugi_ev or instagram.com/bugi_ev on Saturday, 15 August 2020 at 11:00 CEST (Germany, etc.) or 16:00 WIB (Indonesia, etc.).

The topic was about cancer and aging process. Deciphering the aging process which is partly explained by a mechanism called senescence, is the focus of Dr. Zulrahman Erlangga’s research. He
graduated as an MD from one of renowned University in Indonesia. Cancer was his topic of interest for his research fellowship in Brüssel and his PhD research, which he got form Hannover Medical School .

In this episode, Zul shared his knowledge on both aging process and cancer, and the association between both physiological and pathological processes. He aims to decipher, the pathway in which he could manipulate the senescence to delay the aging process or prevent cancer from occurring. We don’t know, what the chances are! But fingers crossed.

DIBAGI DI BUGI is a new platform owned by BUGI e.V. This program is an educative and interactive discussion conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.
We invite Indonesian academic and professionals (diaspora) from various background, who eager to share their knowledge, experience and expertise.

We aimed to broaden the perspective on science for Indonesians, especially the younger generation. Because science is not just important, it is essential.