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DIBAGI DIBUGI Episode 1: Vaccine – From Bench to Market

This July we want to premiere our new education program called DIBAGI DIBUGI (Diaspora Berbagi di BUGI).

What is this exactly?

This program is a monthly educative virtual seminar or webinar (in Bahasa Indonesia) conducted by Indonesian academicians and professionals from various scientific background living abroad, who want to share their expertise and knowledge. We hope this program can give insights and inspire Indonesian youths and young academicians who have aspiration in science.

Episode 1: Vaccine – From Bench to Market

The first episode premieres live on BUGI Instagram @bugi.ev or instagram.com/bugi.ev on Saturday, 4 July 2020 at 11:00 CEST (Germany, etc.) or 16:00 WIB (Indonesia, etc.).

The topic is about the process to develop a vaccine from lab to consumers, with case study COVID-19. This episode will be conducted by Angga Kusuma PhD. He strives in virology and is a scientist in a bio-pharmacy company in the Netherlands.

Don’t miss out on this episode!