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Desa Kerirea is a secret escape in Flores, Indonesia. Tourism activities in Kerirea are currently dominated by local and regional visitors. Since Labuan Bajo was set by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism in 2019 as one of ten tourism destinations super priority, the number of visitor in Flores has risen rapidly. Through our project, we aim to awaken the awareness of local people regarding tourism-boom and to equip them with the adequate know-how.
Together with the local community, we want to prepare Kerirea as an ecotourism destination. The important prerequisites for this are the preservation of natural resources, a functioning waste management system and a sustainable agricultural system. We are planing to install sanitary facilities with bioreactor and this is an important part of the project. This facility can be used as a learning tool for the local population to grasp the “Waste to Energy” concept by learning to produce fertilizers and biogas from organic residue.
Through this project, we want to bring the key players together to work on a sustainable ecotouristic concept together. The local community should play a central role in this project. It is important to introduce them about the potential changes in their everyday life in context of tourism and the potential mass tourism. In addition, we, BUGI and Yayasan DAN, will accompany them to design income-generating projects and enabling them so they can carry this out by themself in the long term. We are not aiming to establish a start-up in this phase. Our project can be defined as a preliminary stage for start-ups establishment, where ideas are initiated and incubated. This micro-economy part of the project is crucial to boost the economic development of the local population in accordance with the preservation of natural livelihood.

Project goal

The problems:
1. Water scarcity for agriculture during the dry season, although water sources are available within 1 km from the farm.

2. Fertilizer shortage for agriculture. In general, it is difficult to obtain affordable fertilizers in Flores. Unfortunately, the fertilizers subsidized by the government do not reach the farmers in Kerirea and therefore, they have to pay expensive prices for fertilizer.
The solution approach:
1. For the water problem
Water supply
➡ Water reservoirs in the broadest sense and in various places
➡ Pipe water from water sources
➡ Ground water
➡ Processed water from gray-water treatment system of sanitary facilities

Optimisation water use
➡ Drip irrigation
➡ Other water recycle system, if drip irrigation is not applicable

2. For the fertilizer problem
Fertilizer production using the sanitary facilities. Fertilizer can be made from different raw materials: Human feces, livestock manure and organic waste (compost)

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