Every single action in this big picture takes a part in our steps towards realizing our aims, which is the development of social security and the establishment of professional education and training for paramedics in Indonesia.


1.    Pilot project

We are cooperating with Lentera Klinik (lit. Lantern Clinic), an Indonesian organization that offers medical help and service for people in Pamulang, a region in the south of Jakarta. Students may offer their help there as volunteers.

2.    Indonesian’s Network

Association with organizations such as Rumah Sehat Lestari (lit. Health House) in Jogjakarta, Central Java, has been established. In the future it shall be possible for students to work there as well. (Status: currently in process)

Yayasan Solidaritas Anak Bangsa (lit. Foundation of solidarity for Indonesian children, an organization that supports the facilitation of clean water in Java) and Lentera Klinik. Indonesian students in Germany would also be able to have an advanced professional training and education through our events, thus hopefully spread and implement their acquired knowledge when they return to their homeland. Indonesian students who are currently resident in Germany, could gain information concerning current social and political issues through our partners in Indonesia.