Every single action in this big picture takes a part in our steps towards realizing our aims, which is the development of social security and the establishment of professional education and training for paramedics in Indonesia.


1. Educational work

Our platform is knowledge and know-how transfer. In Germany we are focusing in giving some basic and further information about Indonesia and Indonesian’s issues.

2. Lobbying

Announcing events and projects to our partners, to the Indonesian embassy and consular office in Germany, to the Germany’s Government, for the purpose of gaining more support, to guarantee the effectivity of our works.

3. Public relations and youth work

Exchange of young delegations from Indonesia and joining public service within the frame of educational work in Indonesia.

4. University Cooperation

Offering an exchange and advanced training for Indonesian doctors and medical students in Germany in cooperation with universities in Indonesia and Germany. (Status: currently in progress)

5. Networking

Cooperation with Kirchliche Entwicklungsdienst (KED) Niedersachsen and Watch Indonesia e.V. through mutual support in events. Beside this established cooperation, we are expanding our network and cooperating with other organizations, which have same motives as we are.