About Us

Who we are

BUGI – Bildung und Gesundheit für Indonesien* is a non profit organisation founded in Hannover, Germany that aims to support the improvement of health and education system in Indonesia.

We are a group of people coming from different backgrounds who share the same mission, which is improvement in Indonesia. In our views there are still many social issues that need attention, especially in the health and education sectors. That is why we have chosen to aim our attention at these two fields.

BUGI first started in 2012 as an idea coming from a handful of indonesian students living in Germany. The concept was to organize project, that would support our homeland, prioritizing in the health and education field. Since then it has continued to grow until its realization in August 2014, where, with the help of supporters from many countries, we have decided to establish an organization under the name BUGI.

*Education and health for Indonesia

Our aims and values

A society is shaped by many determining factors and we are convinced that education and health are two of the most essential pillars that contribute to a functional society. These two sectors rank high in our priority list. We are working towards an improvement in the education and health system in Indonesia, with the aim of having a society where education and health care are not only equally distributed throughout the land but also equally accessible for everyone regardless of their financial, social, and physical condition. To fight against malnourishment and hunger (especially those of children), diseases, lack of school and job possibility, we must first start with education, which in our opinion, serves in its absence as the root of many social and financial issues. Problem areas such as lack of school and educational work are therefore seen as a critical control point. Through our work we hope to raise awareness towards health concerns such as diseases, as well as towards the increased possibility of opened doors that could be reached with the support of education. Equally as important is to carry the latest research results into society.